Key societies dealing with neuroendocrine liver metastases (NET-Liver-Mets) are organising a state of the art international consensus conference to be held in London, UK, 12-13 December, 2012. We expect over 300 experts attending this landmark conference with the aim to provide internationally accepted statements on the management of Neuroendocrine Liver Metastases.

The organisation of this Consensus Conference will follow the concept of the Danish model. The hot topics are extensively discussed and reviewed well in advance by working groups of key people, named expert panels. These panels of experts involve surgeons, gastroenterologists, radiologists, pathologists, patient associations, methodologists, and ethicists. A panel of non-NET specialists, the Jury, will assess the controversial developments regarding expert insights and will produce statements at the end of the conference. The summary of the conference is expected to be published in a high impact factor journal.

The 2012 E-AHPBA Postgraduate Course on HPB Surgery will precede the Consensus Conference and will take place on 11 December 2012. 

Please note that both the International Consensus Conference on NET Liver Metastases as well as the E-AHPBA Postgraduate Course on HPB Surgery are accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England for up to 10 and 4  CPD points, respectively.


The NET-Liver-Metastases Local Organising Committee